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    At KMR Group Foundation, we value education and make efforts to recognize accomplished students, while making an investment in their potential and assisting them in funding their education.

    Every spring the KMR Group Foundation awards a number of scholarships to Vancouver, WA high school seniors for undergraduate study. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $3,500 per a school year and may be renewable for up to two years, provided the recipient conforms to the requirements set forth in the award.

    For a full list of scholarship requirements and eligibility, click here.

    Current Status: Accepting Applications

    Application Deadline: Monday, March 17, 2014

    Before starting your application please have the following information available:

    • Social Security Number
    • Parent/Guardian Contact Information
    • SAT/ACT Scores
    • Cumulative GPA

    In order for your application to be considered complete you must provide the following documentation either as an attachment within the online application or by mail (address listed below):

    • Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • One official transcript for each high school attended
    • Copy of SAT/ACT Scores
    • Two letters of recommendation--signed and dated by the professional references

    Apply online for a KMR Group Foundation Scholarship, by clicking on the link below:

    Scholarship Application Form

    It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure all necessary forms are submitted to KMR Group Foundation by the deadline of March 17, 2014. If you wish to mail in any documents, please send to:

    KMR Group Foundation
    Attn. Nicole Roll
    9604 NE 126th Ave.
    Suite 2330
    Vancouver, WA 98682