Our Team


Kate Jones  |  Executive Director / Co-Founder  |  k.jones@kmrgrp.com

“The future of our community lies in the hands, hearts, and minds of our children. We are fully invested in helping to nourish and empower them.”


Marty Rifkin  |  Director / Co-Founder

“We want to see children thrive at every stage of their lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community.”

j_farley2Jordan Farley  |  Compliance Director  |  j.farley@kmrgrp.com

“I’m a huge proponent of education, and it’s very rewarding to be a part of something that benefits the lives of so many.”

gerberdanDan Gerber  |  Community Outreach  |  d.gerber@kmrgrp.com

“We have a responsibility to take care of the community we live in. Through the KMR Scholarship Program we are preparing the next generation of leaders to go out and make a difference. There truly is no better gift than the power of a strong education."

Lexie Knight |  Community Relations Specialist | l.knight@kmrgrp.com

“I feel honored to have seen the work of the foundation first hand and truly understand the impact a gift can have on the next generation of our community leaders. I look forward to working hard to help the foundation continue to grow its missions and support incredible organizations and programs in our community."

Claire Rifkin |  Community Outreach

“It is important to build strong relationships and connections with local organizations. We work together as a team, to advocate for the population that is unable to advocate for themselves. Our goal is to fill in the gap and provide the community tools to thrive."