Comfort Bags

Comfort_000011140420_Large2The KMR Group Foundation, in association with Child Protective Services, has created the “Comfort Bags” program, which will provide rolling duffel bags and plush Pillow Pets® to local foster children who are being removed from unsafe homes.

Foster children have already faced tremendous adversity in their young lives. Most of them have spent their formative years without the safety, stability and continuity that are the bedrock of any child’s emotional well-being.

The child’s trauma rarely ends upon removal from an unsafe or abusive home. Children within the foster care system go through an average of three home placement changes, losing approximately 6 months of academic progress with each transfer.

During these moves, the belongings of foster children are usually shoved into trash bags. In an effort to bring some comfort and dignity to a difficult situation, KMR has committed to supplying each foster child with a new rolling duffel bag and a cuddlesome Pillow Pet.

Local Foster Care Facts

  • There are approximately 800 foster children in Clark and Skamania counties.
  • 50% of youth in foster care have chronic medical problems
  • 40-60% of foster youth have at least one mental health disorder
  • A foster child goes through an average of 3 home placement changes and loses approximately 6 months of academic progress per change
  • Foster children are twice as likely to repeat a grade and change school mid-year
  • Foster children have four times the need for special education support
  • The graduation rate for foster children in Clark County is less than 40%

Source: Washington State Department of Social & Health Services. (2013). Child Protective Services.