Summer Essential Packs

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The Christmas tree inside Share’s warehouse seemed a bit out of place especially given the sunny skies and warm temperature outside. But it was the perfect motif for the agency’s Christmas in July celebration that assisted people in the community who are trying to transition out of homelessness.


KMR Group Foundation played a key role in the summer event by providing 300 women, children and men Essential Packs filled with daily items like shampoo and toothpaste. To go with the summer timing, the bags also included water bottles and sun screen.


The July gathering is a much smaller version of one Share holds each December. For more than a decade, KMR has put together the holiday Essential Packs, filling bags with toiletries, warm clothing and stuffed animals and toys for the children. The donation has grown from a few hundred bags to more than 1,000 that were given away in 2015. It’s also become a holiday tradition for KMR employees and foundation scholarship winners who come together to assemble the Essential Packs.


“The holiday event is a great way for KMR to help Share’s clients experience the spirit of the season,” said Kate Jones, KMR founder and executive director. “But the need is year-round and we’re happy to help in any way and at any time.”

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