Vision Mission

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The KMR Group Foundation’s commitment to the Good Family Orphanage in Odessa began in 2007. Since then, KMR along with the Jewish Business Network has striven to enhance the lives of the children who call it home. Thanks to these two organizations and local community efforts, the children have received dental care, school supplies, adequate winter wear and a recreational room. This year, the orphanage indicated a growing need for eye care for the children. Most of the children had never been seen by an eye doctor before, and many were in dire need of optometric attention.

Due to the support of the KMR Group Foundation, Dr. Lowery and fellow optometrist Dr. Hannu Laukkanen flew to Odessa to provide eye care to all of the children at the orphanage. As they can attest, good vision can improve a child’s life in many ways.

Dr. John Lowery is a local optometrist who is deeply committed to caring for underserved communities, both in Oregon and overseas. He considers it especially rewarding to correct vision problems in children. He has seen firsthand how early correction can transform the entire course of a child’s life.

When resources are limited, eye care is often overlooked as a priority. But having compromised vision can be terribly damaging to a child’s education, personal development, self-esteem and social status and ultimately their professional prospects.

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