Salmon Creek Hospital Foundation



KMR is ardently committed to supporting the Child Abuse Assessment Team of Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center (CAAT). KMR’s assistance helped enable CAAT’s expansion in 2009, which included the addition of Dr. Kim Copeland as its leader and head physician.

It is tragic that there is a need for the services performed by CAAT. But there is a need and it is a dire one. In 2010, Child Protective Services received 7,799 child-abuse reports in Southwest Washington – 2,836 of which resulted in investigations. This represented a 33 percent increase.

Since its inception in 2009, the Child Abuse Assessment Team – led by Dr. Copeland — has conducted the medical exams inherent in these investigations. CAAT also works with local child-protection and law enforcement agencies to protect these children. Beyond its critical role in the effective prosecution of child abusers, CAAT has been instrumental in raising the visibility of child abuse and domestic violence in Clark County.

“I look at these kids and what they’ve been through is unimaginable,” said Dr. Copeland, “But they are so resilient. It’s inspiring.”

“Often the children [examined by Dr. Copeland] come in cowering, trembling, hiding in a corner or under a blanket,” said Shirley Gross, CAAT’s Associate Director of Development. “But eventually, as Dr. Copeland gains their trust, they’re able to relax and open up and even laugh. We strive to impart the same message of reassurance to each one of them: This is not your fault and it is not your future.