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Extending a Helping Hand: KMR Group Foundation Supports The Giving Closet

KMR Group Foundation and The Giving Closet

The KMR Group Foundation recently donated $150,000 to The Giving Closet, a nonprofit store in Vancouver that provides free donated clothes, food, and toys to low-income families.

This donation, the largest in The Giving Closet’s history, will help the organization continue its vital operations after facing significant financial challenges that threatened its ability to remain open. The KMR Group Foundation’s values align with The Giving Closet’s mission of treating people going through tough times with dignity, and the foundation felt compelled to extend a helping hand after learning about the nonprofit’s situation.

For over a decade, The Giving Closet has been a beacon of hope for families struggling to make ends meet in the Vancouver area. Founded by Denise Currie, the nonprofit offers a free community store where individuals and families can shop for essential items like clothing, shoes, and non-perishable food items at no cost. However, in 2023, The Giving Closet lost a significant portion of its funding, totaling around $230,000, jeopardizing its future.

The KMR Group Foundation first learned about The Giving Closet’s financial troubles through an article in The Columbian newspaper. Immediately, the foundation recognized the alignment between its own values of supporting underserved communities and The Giving Closet’s mission. After arranging a visit to the nonprofit’s facilities and witnessing its operations firsthand, the decision to provide a substantial donation became clear.

“After reading the article, we knew we wanted to help, so we arranged a visit. Seeing their operations up close and hearing their story firsthand was truly eye-opening. After careful consideration, we felt compelled to extend a helping hand,” said Kate Jones, executive director of the KMR Group Foundation.

The $150,000 donation from the KMR Group Foundation is a lifeline for The Giving Closet, ensuring that its doors remain open and its essential services continue. Denise Currie, the nonprofit’s founder, expressed immense gratitude and relief, stating, “It will definitely keep our free community store thriving and going. We will be secure for another year, easy.”

This donation brings hope and relief for the families who rely on The Giving Closet. Many of them have shared that the store is their only means of providing shoes and clothes for their children during these challenging economic times.

At the KMR Group Foundation, we believe in the power of supporting organizations that make a positive impact in our communities. The Giving Closet’s unwavering commitment to serving those in need aligns with our core values, and we are honored to play a role in ensuring its continued success.

We encourage our readers to join us in supporting local nonprofits and organizations that serve underserved communities. If you want to contribute to The Giving Closet’s mission, you can donate through their website at givingcloset.org/donate or sign up to volunteer at givingcloset.org/volunteer.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. The Giving Closet is a shining example of how a simple act of kindness can ripple through a community, bringing hope and dignity to those facing difficult circumstances.