Local Giving

KMR’s impactful collaboration with RCCS

KMR Group Foundation and RCCS

The ripple effect of a single generous act can transform countless lives—a realization that lies at the heart of our philanthropic endeavors at the KMR Group Foundation.

In our collaboration with RCCS, a non-profit that supports cancer patients and their families, we have witnessed this transformative power firsthand.

Reflections and Achievements of the Past Year

Approximately a year ago, we initiated a $1,000,000 grant to RCCS, anticipating a journey that would enrich lives and create sustainable impacts.

Today, our expectations have not only been met but surpassed. Here’s a closer look at the remarkable change that our collaboration has ignited.

Supporting 323 Cancer Patients and Their Families

Coping with cancer is an arduous journey, both emotionally and financially. Our partnership with RCCS has provided crucial support services and financial assistance to 323 cancer patients and their families, illuminating the life-changing potential of targeted philanthropy.

Grocery Bills Paid for 60 Families

Facing a severe illness can render even basic necessities a challenge. Through our grant, RCCS has been able to alleviate this burden for 60 families by covering their grocery bills, ensuring they can focus on recovery rather than their next meal.

Covering Utility Bills for 50 Households

The comfort of basic utilities can provide a significant sense of stability in the face of adversity. We’re proud to share that our grant has enabled RCCS to secure electricity, gas, and water for 50 households during their challenging journey.

Securing Housing for 213 Families

The cost of housing becomes significantly more burdensome when juxtaposed with medical expenses. Our funding has allowed RCCS to ensure stable housing for 213 families, providing a safe space for them during their recovery.

Looking Ahead: Our Continued Commitment to Meaningful Aid

Reflecting on the meaningful changes our partnership with RCCS has brought about, we’re humbled and grateful. The narrative of resilience and hope that has unfolded through this initiative underlines the incredible potential of philanthropy guided by a long-term perspective.

As we continue to work alongside RCCS, we’re excited to enable more such stories of hope and resilience. The experiences from this partnership highlight the power of strategic philanthropy and reaffirm our dedication to fostering sustainable change.

While the numbers offer a measure of the impact, the true gauge lies in the lives touched and transformed by this initiative. As we continue our work with RCCS and other organizations, we renew our pledge to make a meaningful difference—one act of giving at a time.