KMR’s Lexie Knight honored with Vancouver’s “Accomplished and Under 40” award

Lexie Knight - Accomplished and Under 40 Award

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news: Lexie Knight, a valued member of our KMR family, has been honored with the Vancouver Business Journal’s ‘Accomplished and Under 40’ award. This prestigious recognition is a testament to her outstanding contributions and the remarkable impact she’s made in our community.

Lexie Knight—A Profile of Dedication and Excellence

Serving as the Community Relations Specialist for the KMR Group Foundation, Lexie epitomizes dedication and excellence. Her role is pivotal in leading the development and execution of the organization’s strategic plan and vision. She oversees the creation and management of multiple local programs and initiatives, which have significantly benefited the community. Lexie’s stewardship of the KMR scholarship program has opened doors for numerous students, fostering their educational and professional growth. Her efforts in managing the KMR Essential Pack program have brought essential resources to those in need.

Also, in her role as Executive Administrative Assistant at Pac1 Property Management, Lexie has been instrumental in streamlining operations. Working closely with the vice president, she has been a driving force in implementing Standard Operating Procedures that have enhanced the company’s efficiency. Her prowess in managing social media campaigns has further elevated the company’s presence and impact.

The Accomplished and Under 40 Award

The Vancouver Business Journal’s “Accomplished and Under 40” award is a prestigious recognition of young professionals who have made significant strides in their careers and communities. The award ceremony, a beacon of community spirit and support, highlights the accomplishments of these individuals. This year, the event was not just a celebration of achievements but also a testament to the positive changes these young leaders are driving in their fields.

KMR’s Pride and Support

Kate Jones, the founder and executive director of the KMR Group Foundation, knows better than anyone the kind of dedication and drive Lexie brings to our organization. In her words, “Lexie is an incredibly dedicated worker. She consistently champions new initiatives and ideas.” This endorsement from Kate isn’t just praise; it’s a testament to the vital role Lexie plays in our team. Her enthusiasm, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, has become a source of inspiration and momentum for all of us at KMR. Lexie’s work is a perfect embodiment of our mission, driving us forward in our collective goals.

Lexie’s Reflections and Future Aspirations

Upon receiving the award, Lexie expressed her heartfelt gratitude: “I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being chosen. This recognition reaffirms my commitment to making a positive impact. Thank you!” Her aspirations for the future are anchored in her dedication to community betterment, reflecting her deep commitment to continual growth and impact.

KMR’s Ongoing Commitment and Lexie’s Role

For nearly two decades, the KMR Group Foundation has been a bastion of support for underserved communities. The Foundation, under the leadership of Kate Jones and Marty Rifkin, has adapted to address local and global challenges, from disaster relief to supporting education. Lexie’s role in this dynamic organization amplifies its efforts, contributing significantly to its mission. With Lexie at the forefront of various initiatives, the Foundation’s future endeavors in community support and global outreach are poised for greater impact.


Lexie Knight’s achievement as an “Accomplished and Under 40” honoree is a source of great pride and inspiration for us at KMR Group Foundation. Her journey with us is a testament to the power of passionate commitment and visionary leadership. We invite you to join us in celebrating Lexie and the transformative impact she continues to have through her work with our Foundation.